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Can you be employed without a contract?

Can you be employed without a contract? It is not unusual to come across individuals who have been employed for many years and who say that they have no written contract of employment. Those individuals may not be aware of, is that it is a legal requirement for an employer who...

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Worker Status Update | Aeris Employment Law

Worker Status – The Onslaught Continues

There have been more and more cases coming before the tribunals regarding whether an individual is self-employed, a worker or an employee.  Here are the headlines:

  1. Can an individual who is paid a quarterly exclusivity payment be an employee?

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What is Gross Misconduct: And how to properly manage it?

Gross misconduct in the workplace can be extremely distressing to deal with. In a rush to protect your business and staff from any further harm, it’s likely you’ll want to dismiss the employee responsible immediately, avoiding any lengthy procedure. ...

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GDPR and the thorny issue of consent

GDPR consent is imperative!

What is the issue with consent?

The new GDPR is more onerous and employers will be under a positive obligation to be able to show evidence that they are compliant with the new GDPR principles. Most employers address the issue of consent for processi...

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