Settlement agreement for employees

Settlement agreement for Employees

Settlement agreement for Employees: What employees should know before deciding? If you have been offered a settlement agreement by your employer, deciding whether to accept can be overwhelming.

You will need independent legal advice to safeguard the agreement is binding and you understand what significant legal rights you are giving up when you enter a Settlement Agreement. Some solicitors may view approval as a rubber stamp exercise. We surely don’t.

Settlement agreements are an efficient way to settle disputes, to end a contract of employment plainly and without acrimony. But there are drawbacks too. It’s vital to look at the details of what you are being asked to agree to. 

You may also decide not to sign a settlement agreement and to pursue a possible claim instead, we will ensure claims are submitted within the strict time limits and update you frequently on the progress of your claim.

Download our Settlement Agreement guide to find out some key factors to consider before signing.

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