Settlement Agreement

Settlement Agreement

A settlement agreement is a legally binding agreement created after the termination of your employment. It usually provides for a compensation payment made to you by your employer, in return for which you agree not to pursue any claim you may have at an Employment Tribunal. In order for the settlement agreement to be binding, you will need to take advice from a qualified employment solicitor.

Settlement Agreement Lawyers in Solihull

As specialist lawyers/solicitors in Solihull, we are one of the leading law firms who provide help and advice on Settlement Agreements

We offer extensive support in handling settlement agreements to both companies and individuals and are proud of our perfect 100% success record. Our rates are highly competitive and in 90% of cases, our fees are covered by the employer’s contribution towards your legal costs.

Led by the highly experienced Karin, Aeris Employment Law offers a personal service and we do our best to find proactive solutions that suit our clients’ needs. Karin has worked for a mix of different law firms and has specialised in finding solutions for employees in complex disputes. That has stood her in good stead with Aeris Employment Law and she takes a personal interest in every settlement agreement arranged through the company. Karin is uniquely qualified to offer focused and creative solutions to complicated matters.

Aeris offers support to employees concerning a variety of employment issues, including unlawful deductions from wages, discrimination, unfair dismissal claims, holiday pay disputes, advocacy support at tribunals and breaches of contract. So if you’ve suffered any of these problems, we can help in any negotiations leading up to a settlement agreement and can assist with reviewing the wording of the agreement itself. Our service goes well beyond just negotiating a deal. Employees that have a dispute with their boss, face a stressful time and our experience negotiators can help you through the process.

Settlement agreements are legally binding contracts determined between an employer and employee to fix a dispute and generally to come up with a payment and/or reference. The agreements are a voluntary settlement that can be offered at any stage of an employment relationship and it is certainly not limited to cases where an individual’s employment has been terminated.

Once in place, the settlement agreement rules out an employment tribunal claim or court action. So it can be a cost-effective way to settle a dispute without going through the stress and time of court action. For a settlement agreement to stand, an employee must receive advice from an independent adviser. It is always advisable to get the best possible advice and that’s where Aeris Employment Law steps in.

From our Redditch, Solihull-based offices, we specialise in employment law and can support you through every employment issue. We take the time to get to know our clients and pride ourselves on the pragmatic and supportive manner we offer, taking into account your individual needs. We can also help with a wide range of issues that may arise during the whole employment lifecycle.

Karin Henson is an expert employment law and settlement agreement Lawyer

If you have been offered a settlement agreement or have a question you wish to ask in relation to one, contact our specialist settlement agreement solicitor Karin Henson for advice on 0121 392 7479 or complete our online enquiry form. Karin will help you achieve the best possible settlement.



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