Redundancy for Employers

Redundancy for Employers

From time to time a business may need to contemplate making redundancies.  Understandably, any such decisions are not taken lightly at a time when businesses are facing real financial challenges. Making staff redundant is never easy which is why Aeris Employment Law Redundancy Services team have introduced their redundancy package to help employers.

It is imperative that redundancies are dealt with correctly – not only because of the legal penalties of not doing so – but also because of the effects that a badly handled redundancy process can have both on the staff who remain and your company’s good name.

Aeris Employment Law Redundancy Services for employers, advises businesses at the early stages of redundancy and re-structure decision-making.  This enables us to safeguard that the business considers all the options available to it at an early stage and has a clear understanding of what its objectives are, and how to achieve them.

The redundancy process is potentially fraught with pitfalls. Aeris Employment Law can advise to help to get it right first time and avoid costly mistakes.  The process usually involves the following steps:

  • Establishing a pool of potential redundancy candidates
  • Conducting the selection process, utilising a selection matrix
  • Consulting employees on the selection
  • Communicating with staff and evaluating feedback
  • Dealing with appeals

Aeris Employment Law Redundancy Services have already helped many SMEs through the strain of multiple redundancies.  Their systematic, structured approach provides employers with a tried and tested solution, minimising disruption to your business.  A range of payment options guarantees absolute transparency and keeps costs to a minimum.

Redundancy processes are always fluid and Aeris redundancy services for employers can provide on-the-spot advice on any issues raised by employees as your business goes through the process.  The advice is clear, concise and effective to ensure the difficult process of redundancy is dealt with as swiftly as possible while minimising the risk of any subsequent legal claims or negative reputation issues.


Karin Henson is an expert UK employment law solicitor

If you think redundancies are likely or you’re planning some kind of reorganization, Aeris Employment Solicitors expert solicitors can advise you on what you need to think about. Our advice is pragmatic and straightforward.

For more information on how we can help with redundancies or any UK employment law issue, contact our specialist UK employment law solicitor Karin Henson on 0121 392 7479 or please complete our online inquiry form.



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