UK Employment Law Training at Aeris

UK Employment law is always changing.  It is crucial for HR professionals, businesses and their managers to keep up to date to ensure that they are fully aware of the pitfalls and difficulties that could occur through lack of knowledge.

Companies whose HR teams and management understand the basic framework of UK employment law are less likely to find themselves in the employment tribunal. Training managers with a solid understanding of these employment law skills make good business and economic sense

At Aeris Employment Law we provide training for managers, HR professionals and in-house lawyers. the training is designed to give you a head start in avoiding legal problems in the workplace. Our employment law training is designed around your needs – who you want to attend, how many delegates, how long it will run for and where it will take place.

Our training can cover any area of UK Employment Law including:

  • Handling Disciplinaries – whether or not there is a fair reason to dismiss, it is important to follow a fair procedure.  This course will set out all the steps and pitfalls to be aware of
  • Managing Investigations– be able to successfully defend an unfair dismissal claim, it is crucial that a full investigation has been carried out.  We can show you how to do this successfully.
  • Update on Employment Law– the government introduces employment law changes every six months.  In between that cases are decided that fundamentally impact on employers (e.g. Holiday pay decisions).  We will update you on all the important changes you need to be aware of.
  • The Impact of Social Media on the Employment Relationship– many employees do not understand the impact of their social media activity on their jobs.  This course helps employers learn how they can deal with this evidence and what a reasonable reaction may be
  • How to Manage Sickness Absence– these are difficult and personal situations that often take a long time to reach a conclusion.  This course helps identify the steps you can take to successfully and proactively handle a sickness absence situation.


Karin Henson is an expert UK employment law solicitor

Whether you need a quick update on recent developments or an in-depth look at a tricky issue, we provide training for HR professionals and in-house lawyers to keep you up to date on changes in law and best practices.

For information in relation to our training services, contact our specialist UK employment law solicitor Karin Henson for advice on 0121 392 7479 or complete our online inquiry form.



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