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Employment Contracts and Policies for Businesses

Aeris Employment Law is a specialised firm of solicitors offering legal expertise in all areas of Employment law including Contracts and Policies. Based in Solihull, Birmingham and operating across Birmingham and the West Midlands we provide industry-leading advice around Employment Contracts & Policies. We work with a company of varying sizes across all sectors – this helps us cater for all eventualities and provide bespoke contracts to suit particular needs and demands.

A carefully drafted contract of employment and staff handbook is important and essential in encouraging an effective working environment and can avoid unwarranted misunderstandings between the employer and employee.

Up-to-date employment contracts and policies that are compliant with UK employment law are essential for every business. Out-of-date contracts and policies can result in costly mistakes for your business. Employee handbooks can also readily go out-of-date and require immediate attention.  Furthermore, even with up-to-date documents, there may be a need to vary an employee’s terms and conditions or to ensure how the contents of employee handbooks or policies come across to employees and their fit with the culture you either have or are trying to create.

How we can help

We can provide you with contracts and policies that are compliant with UK employment law. We can also review your current contracts, policies and employee handbook and ensure these are all up-to-date for you. On some occasions, you might need to make some changes to an employee’s terms and conditions. We can also guide you through this as there are several restrictions and formal consultation with the employee may be required.

Either way, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that your contracts, policies and employee handbook are legally watertight and that you’ll have the up-to-date documentation you need to help you manage your employees within the UK employment law framework.

Employment Contracts

It is important for any business that employs people to have a basic contract of employment in place which sets out each party’s obligations to the other. Failure to provide a contract is not only a breach of employee rights but can lead to problems if there is ever a dispute.

Given employment Legislation changes regularly then these contracts also need to be kept up to date and reviewed often. We can help you tailor each employment contract to suit the role involved – in particular about issues such as garden leave and post-termination restrictions. This can help mitigate any future disputes between you and your employees and put you as the employer in as strong a position as possible.

As roles change within the organisation then contracts themselves should change and reflect the new requirements of that member of staff. In addition to contracts, we can also assist you with the provision of policies that your business needs, either one-off policy or a handbook. Our specialist employment law solicitors work with businesses of all sizes, putting in place the Contracts and Policies for employees at every level.


Karin Henson is an expert UK employment law solicitor

We frequently help and guide businesses of all sizes with multi-jurisdictional employment contract projects. We work with you to identify the key commercial terms, then help you to decide whether to amend existing contracts or simply introduce new model contracts going forward.

For more information on how we can help with employment contracts and policies or any UK employment law issue, contact our specialist UK employment law solicitor Karin Henson on 0121 392 7479 or please complete our online inquiry form



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