Restructuring and redundancy

redundancy for small businesses

Your business may come to a point where changes need to be made this, unfortunately, may result in redundancies. Aeris Employment Law can help and guide you restructure professionally and most of all fairly.

Restructuring may look to make your business more successful and profitable. Or it may be required or unavoidable. Whatever the reason, it is important that those affected are treated fairly and proper procedures are followed. Keeping the workforce informed and involved throughout the process may prove to be a wise option and less probable to lead to litigation when the final decision is made.

If you think redundancies are likely or you’re planning some kind of reorganisation, Aeris Employment Law solicitors can guide you on what you need to think about. Our advice is pragmatic and straightforward. We make sure we understand what you are hoping to accomplish. We explain the most likely outcomes, discuss options and make certain you know the relevant laws. Our advice is jargon-free and we always say what our likely costs will be. Many other businesses have successfully worked with Aeris Employment Law to restructure or help them with redundancies.

Please look in more depth of what services we can provide here, or use our online form to contact us.

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