New itemised payslips from April 2019

itemised payslips

Businesses are being reminded that there are just six months to go until new legislation comes into force that requires all workers to be provided with itemised payslips.

Itemised payslips follow recommendations made by both the Taylor Review into modern employment practices and a report from the Low Pay Commission which called for employers to make clear the hours which staff were being paid for.

From April 6, 2019, all workers – including casual and zero hours workers rather than just employees – must be issued with written, printed, or electronic payslips, with details of how the payment was calculated in cases where the rate of pay and hours are variable.

Alternatively, if more relevant, the different payments for varying types of work and/or pay should be itemised instead.

This aims to give clarity over how pay is broken down and presented on Payslips. Employers must itemise payslips for employees’ wages which vary depending on how much time they have worked. This must include the number of hours relating to the amount paid.

Aeris Employment Law believes they have been introduced to make it easier for workers to understand their pay, ensure they are being paid correctly, and challenge their employers if they feel they have been underpaid.

What Action Should Employers Take? Before the order comes into force, employers should;

• Ensure payroll processes are adjusted to collect the new information required; and
• Amend the format of their payslips to include this new information, where appropriate.

Businesses need to act now in order to ensure they are ready by the deadline.

Should you require more information or help preparing for the new legislation, please contact us on 0121 392 7479 or use our online form here.

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