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Employment Law Advise in Solihull, West Midlands


Employment law advice can be complex and time-consuming. And if things go wrong? It can be very expensive. No wonder an increasing number of employers are using Aeris Employment Law. A high quality, cost effective option that helps you stay on the right side of the law; while staying bang in line with your commercial aims.

We can help provide the knowledge to your management team to ensure they know the implications and risks of their actions; alternatively, we can help remove a lot of the misunderstandings and provide the confidence to take action where before management we ‘afraid’ to in case of litigation.

At Aeris Employment Law we provide advice based upon current UK and EU legislative requirements. We will advise you what you have to do to comply with the legal frameworks however; we can also advise you of alternative actions based upon risk assessments of the situation.

We feel it is important to know you and your business; it is important that we become part of your organisation and understand you as if we were your employee. In that way we can ensure that we offer you the best advice to work towards your desired outcomes.

Other organisations that provide Employment Law advice will tell you what you cannot do and what you should do; we will tell you what you can do to meet your goal, what the risks and potential costs are so we can develop a commercially acceptable solution to your problem.

For further information on how we can assist you with employment law advice contact Karrin Henson on 07980 837148 or email here

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