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Employment Law June Update

JUNE UPDATE Some recent developments in the employment field are set out in this update  1 - Employee reported for eating a sandwich Some employees in customer-facing roles may be banned from for example drinking alcohol when wearing their ...

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employment laws after brexit

EU Employment Laws after Brexit will be voted in parliament

EU Employment Laws after Brexit will be voted in parliament on whether they will be adopted by the UK Brexit is likely to cause some confusion across many tribunal courts and could lead to weaker workers’ rights in the UK, a concerned group of lawyers has cautioned in a Read More

Worker Status Update | Aeris Employment Law

Worker Status – The Onslaught Continues

There have been more and more cases coming before the tribunals regarding whether an individual is self-employed, a worker or an employee.  Here are the headlines:

  1. Can an individual who is paid a quarterly exclusivity payment be an employee?

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#MeToo and Employment Law

#MeToo Last year has seen the impressive march of the #MeToo campaign which has encouraged people to talk about sexual harassment. The extraordinary response to the #MeToo movement includes a fund set by British celebrities that have given more than £2m to women groups across the...

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Statutory annual leave for your employees

Under the Working Time Regulations, all employees are entitled to annual leave. Full-time workers have a statutory entitlement of at least 5.6 weeks paid annual leave (which equates to 28 days for someone working five days a week). An employer can specify when holiday should be taken and whether ...

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