Settlement agreement for Employees

Settlement agreement for employees

Settlement agreement for Employees: What employees should know before deciding? If you have been offered a settlement agreement by your employer, deciding whether to accept can be overwhelming. You will need independent legal advice to safeguard the agreement is binding and you understand what significant legal rights you are giving up when you enter a […]
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What is the gig economy?

What is the Gig Economy? Issue The phrase the ‘gig economy’ is increasingly being seen in the press and often it is referred to in employment disputes. What does it actually mean though?  It is probably best summed up as a trend towards a working environment where temporary positions are common in business and companies […]
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redundancy for small businesses

Restructuring and redundancy

Your business may come to a point where changes need to be made this, unfortunately, may result in redundancies. Aeris Employment Law can help and guide you restructure professionally and most of all fairly. Restructuring may look to make your business more successful and profitable. Or it may be required or unavoidable. Whatever the reason, […]
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