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Employment Law June Update

JUNE UPDATE Some recent developments in the employment field are set out in this update  1 – Employee reported for eating a sandwich Some employees in customer-facing roles may be banned from for example drinking alcohol when wearing their work uniform in case this sets a bad tone. Recently someone tweeted a picture to her […]
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Employment Law May Update

MAY UPDATE Some recent developments in the employment field are set out in this update  1 – Personal Liability of directors Can a director of a limited company be personally liable for its breaches of an employment contract? The High Court has recently held yes in a case where the employees were working in unacceptable […]
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Worker Status Update | Aeris Employment Law

Worker Status – The Onslaught Continues

There have been more and more cases coming before the tribunals regarding whether an individual is self-employed, a worker or an employee.  Here are the headlines: Can an individual who is paid a quarterly exclusivity payment be an employee? Yes, as held by the EAT in Exmoor Ales v Herriot. The claimant, in this case, worked for the brewery for 27 years providing accountancy services in partnership with her husband.  From 2011 onwards, she received quarterly payments from the brewery. She later brought claims for unfair dismissal and discrimination.  The brewery argued she was self-employed, paid tax as if self-employed, did employment contracts for other employees but not herself and did not take part in the employee share scheme. Unfortunately, the quarterly payment was held to be an exclusivity payment, she had no right to appoint a substitute and the brewery controlled her work.
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Supermarkets equal pay saga!

Do you work for any of the chain supermarkets and are not sure if you are being paid the same as your male counterparts doing the same work but in other areas of the supermarket i.e. warehouse and distribution? The Court Appeal (CoA) has upheld the decisions of the Employment Tribunal (ET) in Asda V Brierly and others, where Asda supermarket staff...
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#MeToo and Employment Law

#MeToo Last year has seen the impressive march of the #MeToo campaign which has encouraged people to talk about sexual harassment. The extraordinary response to the #MeToo movement includes a fund set by British celebrities that have given more than £2m to women groups across the UK. Harry Potter star, Emma Watson who has donated […]
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Statutory annual leave for your employees

Under the Working Time Regulations, all employees are entitled to annual leave. Full-time workers have a statutory entitlement of at least 5.6 weeks paid annual leave (which equates to 28 days for someone working five days a week). An employer can specify when holiday should be taken and whether Bank Holidays are included in the entitlement. There […]
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