ACAS Early Conciliation


Before you can bring any formal claim in the employment tribunal, you have to notify ACAS to register your complaint.

You will find a link to the page here   You need to complete the form linked to this page – it will ask you for your contact details (and those of you solicitor if you have one), the details of your employer and your job details.

You do not need to specify what your actual complaint is.

Once your employment claim has been registered, you will receive an email from ACAS where you will be asked to confirm some details regarding your complaint. This is the administration process.

ACAS will then appoint a conciliator to handle your claim and they will contact you in a few days to find out more information about your complaint.

Once you have registered your complaint with ACAS, there is nothing else you need to do.  You do not even need to attempt to settle your claim if you do not wish to.

Conciliation can last up to 30 days (which can be extended by another two weeks by agreement) but you are not obliged to negotiate.  You can bring the conciliation to an end at any time.

Once the conciliation has come to an end, you will then be given a reference number that begins with the letter ‘R’ followed by a series of numbers.  The last two numbers will represent the year in which you lodged your claim.

You will have to include this number on your online claim form – this is why the process is mandatory.  If you do not have this reference number, you will not be allowed to proceed with your claim.

No – the service is free.  There are also no longer any tribunal fees if you wish to lodge a formal claim.

No – ACAS will still be involved and you can try and conciliate at any point up to and including the tribunal hearing.

Early conciliation means that the deadline for bringing a tribunal claim will be extended.  Early Conciliation effectively ‘stops the clock’ whilst attempts are made to settle your claim.  By how much the deadline is extended can be complicated and it is important to take advice so that you do not miss the deadline for submitting a claim.

You also need to make sure that you use the correct name for your employer – if you get this wrong, this could cause you a problem and possibly mean you are unable to proceed with your claim.

After early conciliation has finished, if you still wish to pursue your claim you have to complete an ET1 and submit it online.  This can be a complicated process.

We can guide you through this situation and make sure you complete this fully and accurately.

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